You My Friend Melvin – 4

You My Friend Melvin – 4

          When you see honey flowing from a honeycomb, it is because there is a sound production that canfeed the world, and because that honeycomb is a Love Nest where My sweetness andMy peace reign in the unity of spirit. Ifyou hear noise, it is someone who goes out to discover a perfume essencein the flowers of my Love Ones, then returns in the nest to drop the preciousdiscoveryin order to make sweet food for the palate of man, masterpiece ofGod.
This is comparable to the Love Nest of the Mystic Rosary which has sprung from the Heart of Mary, My Immaculate Virgin Mother,and has become a river of living water overflowing with love for the world.
The presence of the Holy Spirit makes all hearts burning with Lovethrough this living water, and manifests itself in many forms adapted to every hearts.
As for you, My faithful friend Melvin, I also made my Love Nest in you, for you first and for all those you carry in your heart.
May thy soul bathe in the river of My living water so that thehoneycomb for My Loved Ones remains with you.


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