You My Friend Melvin – 3

You My Friend Melvin – 3

          What I expect of you, My friend faithful to My missionary word in these new times, friend of my Sacred Heart, is that you keep in the depths of your soul a very close place where My Love may radiate powerfully, until a flameof this Love overflows and that you reveal it to the world.
From the fire of My Love, surrounded by stones, rises a flame to reach the world, and the stones are there to surround the fire in action for theirGod.
How beautiful are the feet of the man who proclaims My Good News.
How they are more and more beautiful those stones surrounding the fire of My Love to keep a flame alive for the world.
These stones come alive to become heavenly souls for their God.
Do not be afraid to burn the stone of your soul for your God, for it will always remain an intimate stone united to the flame of Love of your Creator.
May My peace be always liberating for you, so that your heart is in the joy of hope in my Sacred Heart.


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