You My friend Melvin – 2

You My friend Melvin – 2

          You My friend Melvin, dear to My Sacred Heart in the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, I tell you verily: the more thy soulloves your God, the more My power of Love is active in you.
Can your soul mellow your mind in order that it opens to the Spirit ofyour God? Certainly yes.
Then the voice from My gardens of Love will reach, thanks to the cry of your heart, all those who thirst for justice, peace and love.
Keep up your spirit, considering all that you carry in the depths of your heart, for I am with thee. Anyone who 
looks to Me will be radiant in My light.
A river of My living water will soon flow out of you. It will come out of your mouth and will originate from your soul, where is my home.
Advance in deep water, My Sacred Heart is there for you.
I give you My peace, the fruit of Love.


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