You My Friend Melvin – 1

You My Friend Melvin – 1

           You faithful friend to My Sacred Heart, with the heart filled with adevouring fire of love for Me, why the fuss to give beyond your strength to My little ones?
It is not works nor sacrifices that prevail in My Sacred Heart for you, it’slove in a personal intimacy with you, for I am the Lord thy God, who guidesyour steps.
Give me some of your burden, because My yoke is light. I still need you for this mission on earth which I have entrusted to you.
Your temple* is My temple. Do you lack a little love for My temple,which has to be healthy for your mind and soul?
Is it not Me who am, and opens the paths of love and lead Myshepherd, who provide spiritual food to you and to the flock I have given to?I am the truth and the life.
Blessed is the man of peace, listening, sharing My love. I, the Lord his God, I make this temple a light to the world. The light shines in the intensity of the soul and the mind, it manifests the power of My love, swinging in the silence of your heart on calm waters, listening to the chanting of the saints of the seas that fills your heart with joy.
My peace rests on you.


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