Jesus about Father Melvin – 2

Jesus about Father Melvin – 2

          You My friend Melvin, faithful to My Sacred Heart, the load that I have entrusted you seems heavy to you, but fills you with joy.
You carry much pain because you are not understood by your colleagues who are consecrated to Me, but that pain is not in vain.
For you no longer belong to the world, but you live in the darkness of this world, remaining faithful to My Love.
I don’t tell you anymore: “Come, follow me”, but “Fear not”, because I am always with you, even in times that seem very obscure to you.
So, the more your spirit rushes to proclaim the Good News, the more pain enters in your soul.
Remember these words of the Holy Scriptures: “They do not know My ways.” This is the cry of your heart that comes to Me.
Let yourself be carried away by My angels to go anywhere I want, in order that My Kingdom comes through whatever you carry for the world and in your heart.
The treasure you carry in your soul, it’s Me Jesus in My Father, for I have made you a man of predilection.
Taste My Love, it is infinite.

Thank you Jesus.

Reading: Ezekiel 34.1-32
Jean-Marie Pelletier – Thursday, October 4, 2012

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