A Message from Our Blessed Mother

Saturday, August 29, 2012

A Message from Our Blessed Mother

Dear Friends,
          Let me begin with a message I received from Our Blessed Mother a few days ago:

          “I bless you, My son Melvin, and all My sons and daughters living in every part of the earth. I love you all and you make Me and My Son Jesus happy because you follow your Savior and pray regularly and follow the commandments. Continue your good work and you will be blessed by Jesus, My Son. However, there are many living in the world who refuses to believe and they live in sin. They follow the tricks of Satan and instead of loving they hate. They follow his teachings and live only for money and for pleasure. Pray My children that these may be converted before it is too late.
You know that I am the Mother of Life and I am against the culture of death. I want an end to abortion, the killing of the unborn who are My dear children. I am also against euthanasia, the killing of the elderly and those who are mentally sick. I wish all could accept that there is a human being as soon as a child is conceived. At that moment God the Father gives the child a human soul and that child must be respected from the moment of conception. The killing of the unborn children causes My Son Jesus and Myself much suffering for every child conceived has a right to life and to be born. Please My dear sons and daughters do all you can to break this culture of death.
My son Melvin, I am praying for you that you be healed soon and that you can begin your work again. You have suffered much in union with My Son Jesus. I am praying for you all the time. Be assured that Jesus will heal you completely in a short while. I am the one who has called you to begin My shrine in Prince Edward Island. You have been following My wishes and you have built My chapel, the Little Shrine. I do not want you to leave the Island but stay there to do what I asked you. You will receive the money in time to finish all the buildings and to begin the Brothers and Sisters of Jesus. I am at your side at all times. I bless you and all My children.

          I wish to thank all those who have sent me donations to help me pay my bill for heating oil. It is not all paid yet and it is starting to be cold at night. I cannot get any oil until I pay that bill. I will be very thankful for every dollar you sent me.
Almost every day one or more persons send names to be entered in the Book of Remembrance. I am offering three Masses a week for all those in the book. You know that it cost $15.00 for every person entered.
I am not healed yet but I am getting better every day. I still have pain in my stomach and it keeps me from sleeping at night. I am still weak and I feel tired so I have to go and lay down a number of times during the day. Our Lady is praying for me. I thank you all for all your prayers.

Father Melvin

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