A few words to greet you

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A few words to greet you

Dear Friends,
I have decided to send you a few words to greet you after being silent for over a month.
Many of you know that I entered the hospital on August 19 with great pain caused by my gall bladder. The next day I was sent to Moncton hospital for an operation. The reason for this operation was to remove the gall stones. However, when they operated they found out that my liver was affected by my gall bladder. So the next day they sent me to Prince County Hospital for another operation. This time they removed the gall bladder. They found that my liver was swollen and they suspected that I had cancer. After two days of testing, they found out that I did not have cancer. Thanks be to God! I was in much pain for almost a month in hospital and I lost 25 pounds. Now I am home but I am not well yet. I still have much pain in my stomach and I have no strength. I spent almost half of the day in bed. I do some walking and I eat well but I still have much pain. Please pray that I will be in good health soon.
I started celebrating Holy Mass again now that I am out of hospital. Instead of two Masses a week for those inscribed in the Book of Remembrance, I will now offer three Masses a week, one on Monday, one on Wednesday and another on Saturday. If you wish to be inscribed or to inscribed the members of your family and some friends, please write to me with all the names and send me a cheque to cover the cost. It costs $15.00 per person for a full year with three Masses every week.
I do get messages from Our Lord and from Our Blessed Mother regularly but I am too weak to write them out and send them. I will start doing that later on when I will be stronger.
The Newsletter has not been sent out in English yet but it will soon be at your door. I could not do anything but I was sick.
I am always ready to accept donations for the running of the Little Shrine of Our Lady of Prince Edward Island. I still need to pay $2,000 for the heating oil of last year. Soon I will have to start receiving more oil. They refuse to give me oil unless I pay that debt I owe them. Thank you all for your generosity.
May the Lord bless you all with His love and peace and may Our Blessed Mother continue to pray for you all.

Father Melvin

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