Visit to Fatima, Portugal

Monday, September 26, 2011

Visit to Fatima, Portugal

Dear Friends,

Our group arrived at Fatima on September 16 in the afternoon. We drove from Santiago de Compostela, a great place of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages, and these pilgrimages are being revived in our time. Last year 278,000 people went on foot from different countries all the way to this old city where the Apostle St. James is buried.

We arrived at Fatima on a beautiful sunny day and it was warm. We visited the home of Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinta Marto and we also went to the home of Sister Lucia who died about five years ago. We visited the new Church of the Trinity and also the old Basilica where the bodies of the three seers are buried. In the evening I celebrated Holy Mass at one of the chapels and during Mass the Blessed Virgin Mary told me She had an important message to give me the following day.

The following morning I celebrated Holy Mass at the Chapel of the Apparitions at 5:30 a.m. After breakfast I went to the Chapel of Adoration to pray and to receive the message of Our Blessed Mother. Jesus was the first to speak to me. He said, “Melvin, My brother, I bless you. My Mother is here and She has a message for you.” Then Our Blessed Mother spoke to me saying,

“I am very happy to greet you here in Fatima, a place where I appeared to three children in the past. Here is the message I have for you: You remember that Jesus told you last year that a great miracle would happen at My Little Shrine on the Island. I wish to tell you today that the date is near. It will happen on a Wednesday after your Mass at 9:30 a.m. It will last seven days. As soon as it begins you will notify the world and many people will come.

This miracle is to show that I am appearing to you in Prince Edward Island and that I am calling many people back to My Son, Jesus. Yes, many will be converted. You will also receive much money and the building of the monasteries will begin. I love you and I bless you.”

When the great miracle starts I will publish it so that all of you will learn about it and you will be able to come here and see it.

Father Melvin

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