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Father Melvin Doucette

A Special Call from Jesus and Mary

Father Melvin DoucetteFr. Melvin Doucette was born in Prince Edward Island, Canada, on March 2, 1939, and ordained to the priesthood on June 22, 1968, with the Missionaries of Africa. After 29 years in Africa, he is now back home in Palmer Road, a small community near Tignish at the northwestern tip of Prince Edward Island. He is actively engaged in his healing, intercessory praying, teaching and counseling ministry. He travels extensively, conducting retreats and talks on contemplative prayer, and celebrating healing Masses.

Fr. Doucette began to practise contemplation in 1976 and has had locutions and visions in the present form since 1999. In 1990, during a brief stay in Jerusalem for a biblical course and a retreat, he underwent a profound spiritual experience. Over a two-week period, Our Lord shared His Passion with Fr. Doucette, from the Agony in the Garden, scourging, crowning with thorns, to the Way of the Cross and the crucifixion. Now every Holy Week Fr. Doucette goes through a similar experience. He says that the most excruciating part is the piercing of the hands and feet, and the time on the cross – the terrible feeling of not being able to breathe, and the pain across the abdomen.

In contemplative prayer every morning, Fr. Doucette receives by interior locution “messages from heaven” to share with the public. The messages are sent by e-mail and posted on a few Web sites in several languages. They are read by many people around the world.

Our Lord and Our Lady have also entrusted Fr. Doucette with special missions: the founding of twin religious congregations and the construction of a shrine.

Our Lord wants the “Society of the Contemplative Brothers (and Sisters) of Jesus” to evangelize people, help them live in deeper union with Him, and form the “Families for Jesus” and “Youth for Jesus.”

Since 2000, our Blessed Mother has been appearing to Fr. Doucette as “Our Lady of Prince Edward Island.” She says this island is “holy ground”, the only province (or state) in North America that is free from the scourge of abortion. Our Lady requests that a shrine be built on the island in her honour, promising miracles of grace, cures and conversions in her “special home.”

Pending Church approval of the shrine’s construction, Mary requested that a prayer room be built, which would display a painting of Our Lady of Prince Edward Island. With the help of benefactors and volunteers, Our Lady’s Prayer Room was constructed next to Fr. Doucette’s house and opened to the public in January 2004.

The Heavenly Father promised, “The graces from this holy place will spread throughout the world […] The fire of the Holy Spirit will spread from the Prayer Room to all directions to light the hearts of all who are opened to Him. I bless you all who await with joy the beginning of this new era.”


Prayer Room

Prayer Room


A Visit from Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Not too many people have a visit from the Mother of Jesus.  Every now and then we hear of apparitions happening in different parts of the world, but who would ever think that the Mother of God would appear to him or her?  On December 14, 2000, I was very surprised when the Mother of Jesus appeared to me.  She came when I was beginning to pray.

I saw this beautiful lady wearing a white dress down to Her ankles.  Her head was covered with a long blue veil that draped over one shoulder.  She had sparkling blue eyes and looked young.  She was holding the Child Jesus in Her right arm.  He was wearing a pinkish-red gown down to His feet.  Jesus also had blue eyes, and he had a full head of golden curly hair.  His right hand was raised in blessing.

Mary was standing on reddish-brown land surrounded by water.  The land was shaped like Prince Edward Island.  After a few moments She said to me, “I am the Lady of Prince Edward Island, and I want a shrine built here in My honor.  I love all the people of the Island and I consider all of them My children.  I desire all the people of the Island and beyond to come to this shrine to honor Me and ask for My help.  I am going to intercede before My Son for every genuine request.  Melvin, write a poem in My honor and commission someone to paint Me with Jesus at My side the way you see Us now.  It is to be the official painting of “Our Lady of Prince Edward Island”. Write to the Bishop of Charlottetown and request him to build this shrine.  I love you, my son, and all My children living on this Island and beyond.”

Since then, Our Lady and the Child Jesus have visited me a few times each year.  She comes always dressed the same way and standing on land shaped like the Island.  Every time She comes She insists She wants the Shrine to be built with the title “Our Lady of Prince Edward Island.”  She asks me to make Her request known everywhere and to tell people to pray for this intention.  She adds these words, “I am going to reside with Jesus at the shrine, and all the people of the Island and beyond are going to come and visit Me there.  They are coming on pilgrimages, celebrations, and feast days.  Some are coming to ask for My help, others are coming to thank Me, and the rest are coming just to say a prayer.  Some are coming in sorrow because of sickness, or loss of a loved one.  Others are coming to discern their calling in life, or to ask for help to return to Jesus.  Some are coming for an increase of faith or for help to enter the Church.  And there are others who are requesting strength to overcome addiction to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and so on.  Some are coming alone, others are coming in groups, and still others are coming with members of their parish, their church movement, or religious organization.  Some are returning to the Faith after having been away for a long time while others are coming to be instructed in the Faith.  Melvin, I am not going to send away anyone empty-handed.  I am going to hear every prayer, every request, and I am going to intercede before My Son for every one.  I am truly the Mother of all Islanders.”

In one of Her visits, Our Lady has given me a vision of the shrine She wants.  It is a very high church and large enough to hold many people.  There are two large buildings flanking the church, one to the right of the church and another to the left of the church.  These buildings are for the priests and the sisters who will look after the shrine.

Amanda Richard of Summerside painted Our Lady of Prince Edward Island according to the description I gave her of what I saw in the apparition.  It is a beautiful painting about five feet high and nearly three feet wide.  It is a very good imitation of the vision I had.  In the painting the eyes of both Jesus and Mary are looking straight at you, giving you the feeling that you are face-to-face with Jesus and Mary in the flesh.  I now have photographs and respond to the many requests from the Island and all over the world for a copy.  Today thousands of people from Canada, America, Europe, Africa, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and the Philippines know about Our Lady of Prince Edward Island.  People from many countries send me e-mail messages and inquire about when the shrine is going to be built and how they can contribute to the shrine.  But I am not going to launch any campaign until I have the Bishop’s permission.

During the April 21, 2001, apparition of Our Lady, She spoke of different things but toward the end She said, “Melvin, I cannot end this conversation without again mentioning My great desire to have a shrine built in My honor on Prince Edward Island.  This is the great longing of My Heart.  When this shrine is built, My children are going to come in great numbers to visit Me, to pray to Me, and to ask for My help.  I am going to bless all who come to honor Me and express their love.  Jesus, Who is enthroned in all shrines, is going to shower His gift of grace on everyone.  His grace is going to produce many conversions, an increase of faith, and the return to the Church of many lost souls.  He is going to give the gift of peace to all who come with a sincere heart.  Melvin, I am the Lady of Prince Edward Island, as the painting testifies. As you clearly see in the vision and in the painting, I am standing on a piece of land in the shape of the Island.  This painting is dear to My heart.  Have photographs made, and may all the homes on the Island and off the Island display this painting.  As a priest, you blessed the original painting, and I in turn, am going to bless all the homes where My image is honored.  Jesus and I guarantee that the shrine is going to be a great blessing to all the people of the Island and beyond.  It is to be My special home and there I am going to welcome all who come to visit Me.”

Our Lady has indicated the general area where She wants the shrine to be built, but She allows the Bishop and us to decide the exact location of the shrine.  In the meantime I ask all who read this to comply with Our Lady’s requests.  She wants us to pray, to make sacrifices, and to make novenas until we have the Bishop’s permission to build the shrine.  I am merely an unworthy instrument whom Jesus and His dear Mother use to bring about Their desires.  Let us take to heart the words Jesus and Mary address to all of us and begin the work They ask of us.

9 Responses to About Us

  1. Helen says:

    Dear Fr. Doucette,
    Please pray that the Lord will grant me a miraculous physical healing for his glory so that all will see and hear of it.

  2. Wanda says:

    Dear father ,
    Please pray for a person who suffered a head injury, that they may be cured from the ailments. Thank you.

  3. Helen Kelly says:

    Pls pray for my family, thank you Father Melvin.

  4. Cecilia says:

    Hi Father Melvin:

    Please pray for my 30 year old son who is in hospital for 22 months and suffers from aggressive fibromatosis. The doctors do not give us too much hope. I have been praying for his recovery so hard and I request you to please pray for him as well. Thank you Father Melvin and God bless you.

  5. Alex Piedra says:

    Hi Father Melvin

    I am from Davis California, and I would like to say hi to you and the people of Island! Father, thanks to the graces of our Lord through our mother Mary I have come closer to him. I am a better Catholic now as I ask our sweet mother Mary to help me doing the will of God everyday through the Rosary. Dear Father please intercede for me so she can continue healing my soul and that my wife’s conversion will be soon to be. Thank you Fr. Melvin and God bless you!

  6. Gary O'Meara says:

    Hi Fr. Melvin I’m from pei but live in Ottawa ONT now. I was born in Alberton.
    At the hospital there . But lived In Bloomfield. My parents were Frank& Lena O’Meara
    I love what you doing and how our Lady of PEI has talked to you, you are blessed.
    I ‘m read your book now. Have you every got any response from the Bishop,on our Ladys vivit. I need you to pray for my brother Albert he had a stroke last Sat. he is in the Alberton Hospital. His wife name is Barb. Thank you very Much.JMJ

    • Gary O'Meara says:

      I would also like to say, how much I love the Island . I do belive that it is holy land hope we can keep it that way. I’m enjoying your book . do you ever come to Ottawa To talk.If so please let me know. Go0d bless .JMJ

  7. Dear Louise Anne Fair,
    I will pray for you that this problem may disappear quickly. May the Lord bless you all.
    Father Melvin

  8. miriam says:

    Thank you Father Melvin for this beautiful web site and for sharing these beautiful messages
    with us all over the world. I am from Ireland and I get great inspiration from them. Thank you for
    your prayers. I will pray that you get permission from the Bishop for building the Shrine.
    God Bless you.

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