The Visit of Our Lady of Prince Edward Island on December 14, 2017

My Guardian Angel Felix came to speak to me on December 14th in the
afternoon to tell me that Our Blessed Mother will come to visit on
December 14 at 8:00 p.m. So at 8:00 p.m. I went up to the Chapel and
sat down before the altar. After a few minutes, My Guardian Angel told
me that Our Lady was on Her way.

In about one minute, She arrived  and stood just before the altar and
She began to speak to me. Her visit lasted about 15 minutes. She was
dressed as usual and She was holding the Child Jesus on her right side
and He was dressed in red.

Our Lady began to speak to me these words, “I bless you Melvin, My
son, and I am so happy to be here in My Little Shrine once more. It
gives Me great joy to be here again. You know My son Melvin that I
told you that I wanted My Shrine here in Prince Edward Island. As you
know, it takes time before the money starts coming. As soon as it
starts coming, then you can start the building of the places for the
Contemplative Brothers and Sisters of Jesus. Melvin, I wish to tell
you that it will start in the near future and I will give you a great
healing and strength to do all I ask you to do. The last building you
will build is My Shrine.

There are a lot of problems in the world today. My Son’s Church is
being persecuted in many countries and many people have stopped
believing in My Son, The Saviour of the World. Many do not pray
anymore and many do not go to Church. There are so many horrible
things going on in various parts of the world. One of the most
horrible sin is abortion and I am suffering much because abortion has
started in P.E.I. The killing of the unborn is now spread over most of
the world. There are only a few countries that do not practice
abortion. Please work together, My dear loved ones, to get rid of
these sinful acts. There are other horrible acts going on in the
world: especially euthanasia and homocide.

There are many people living far from My Son Jesus. They make fun of
the Church of My Son and many do not attend Church anymore. Because of
all this, God the Father will soon start great punishment on the
people of the world. Many people will die because they have abandoned
the Church. They will suffer from all kinds of sickness and the
weather will cause many great problems. This period of great suffering
will only end when the people return to My Son Jesus and begin to live
in union with Him. It is time to wake up, My sons and daughters, and
to follow all that My Son Jesus has taught you.

Melvin, My son, I came to you today to let you know that I want you to
spread My message all over the world. Do not be afraid of what people
will say. Call them all to follow My Son Jesus by living with Me, your
Mother, and to be people of prayer and to love to go to Church a least
every Sunday.

Melvin, My son, I am now leaving and I bless you and give you the
graces you need and the healing of your body. Remain always close to
My Son and to Me.
I love you.”

This was a very special message and I hope you will read it and spread
it around. Have a Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Father Melvin Doucette

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