The Vision of Cornelius

October 27,2017

The Vision of Cornelius

A reading from the Acts of the Apostles 10, 1 – 8:

Now in Caesarea there was a man named Cornelius, a centurion of the
Cohort called the Italica, devout and God-fearing along with his whole
household, who used to give  alms generously to the Jewish people and
pray to God constantly.  One afternoon about three o’clock, he saw
plainly in a vision an angel of God come in to him  and say to him,
“Cornelius.” He looked intently at him and, seized with fear, said,
“What is it, sir?” He said to him, “Your prayers and almsgiving have
ascended as a memorial offering before God. Now send some men to Joppa
and summon one Simon who is called Peter. He is staying with another
Simon, a tanner, who has a house by the sea.” When the angel who spoke
to him had left, he called two of his servants and a devout soldier
from his staff, explained everything to them, and send them to Joppa.

We have wonderful weather these days. It was 21 degrees Celsius today
and it feels like summer is back here again. I wish to thank those who
have sent me some money but I still need more. I have to pay my taxes
to the Government and I do not have enough money. The taxes I have to
pay is $1,200. They say if I don’t pay that money this year, they will
put my house for sale. So kindly send me an amount so I can pay this
bill within a month.

Below you will find the message of Our Lord and Savior. Jesus spoke to
me and here is what He told me: “I bless you My brother Melvin and all
My brothers and sisters who have great faith in Me and who pray every
day and go to church every Sunday.
In the message from the Bible, you can read that an angel came to
visit a very good man named Cornelius. The angel told Cornelius that
Simon Peter is in Joppa at this time and he should send some men to
invite him to come to Caesarea for he will help some people. So
Cornelius sent three men to go and call him.
Peter, as you know, was appointed by Me the head of the Church and he
was filled with the Holy Spirit and he could heal people and call the
people to believe in Me. So I call you all, My friends, to believe in
Me with all your heart and to open yourselves to the Holy Spirit and
He will fill you all with His Power. You will receive great faith
through the Holy Spirit and you will be part of My Church.
I love you all.”

Fr. Melvin Doucette

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