Paul Preaches in Damascus

September 13, 2017

Paul Preaches in Damascus

A reading from the Acts of the Apostles 9, 19 – 22:

“Paul stayed some days with the disciples in Damascus, and he began at
once to proclaim Jesus in the synagogues, that He is the Son of God.
All who heard him were astonished and said, “Is not this the man who
in Jerusalem ravaged those who call upon this name, and came here
expressly to take them back in chains to the chief priests?” But Paul
grew all the stronger and confounded the Jews who lived in Damascus,
proving that this is the Messiah.”

We had beautiful days during the last weeks. We had plenty of sun but
it is getting cold at night. I am in real trouble because I do not
have any money to buy heating oil. I need $360 to fill my tank and the
money I have today is just $10.00. I am also running out of food and I
do not have any money to pay for gas for my van. The reason for all
this is the fact that my van broke down and I had to pay to have it
fix and now I am broke. Would you kindly send me some money as fast as
possible (by money gram) so I can have some money to buy food, to heat
my house and also to  pay for insurance for my van. I thank everyone
who will help me out during this difficult time.

Below you will find the message of Our Lord and Redeemer given to
Father Melvin. He gave him these words, “I bless you My brother Melvin
and all My brothers and  sisters who have great faith in Me. As the
Bible passage above says that Saul who became Paul wanted to destroy
the Church that I founded. He would travel to different cities and
arrest the Christians and have them chained and he would bring them to
Jerusalem and many of them were killed. When Paul was converted on the
way to Damascus, his blindness was taken away and he was baptized and
became a Christian. Once he believed in Jesus, he then began to preach
the Good News right there in Damascus. He got many to believe in Jesus
and to follow Him. Of course the Jews knew St. Paul and they could not
understand how he had changed so quickly and now followed Jesus, the
Paul shows you all that you, the people living in the world today,
have to turn to Me, Jesus and come to believe in Me, to pray regularly
and to go to Holy Mass at least every Sunday. Remember I am your
Savior, who died on the cross to redeem you all. Come now and follow
Me every day.”

Father Melvin

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