Our Lady’s Message

Our Lady’s Message

On Wednesday, December 14th, at 6:00 p.m. my Guardian Angel called me to go to the chapel as Our Lady of Prince Edward Island was waiting for me there. I immediately went to the chapel and knelt down in the first row of seats and there She was. She spoke to me for twenty minutes.

She began by saying,
“I bless you, My son Melvin, as I come to visit you again today. I am so happy to be here in My beautiful chapel you had built for Me. You know that I am always here in spirit and I welcome every person who comes here to pray. I am very pleased that you celebrate Holy Mass every day in My Chapel.
I was pleased that you suggested to the Pro-life Group to go and protest at the hospital in Summerside because they have started to build an abortion clinic there. It makes me very sad to see that such a clinic should be built in My dear Island. I want this Island to be free of abortion as you know, so I want you to continue to protest what they are doing so I call you all to organize another group protest in May and get more people to take part.

Our Heavenly Father is very angry at what is going on in the world. He is against gender changing, abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality. Listen now to His words that He is addressing to you:

‘You know that I am the Creator and every human being on earth was created by Me. I made every person either man or woman. No one has the right to change his or her gender. In doing this you offend Me grievously. You also know that I am the one who create every human soul at the moment of conception. Therefore from the moment of conception you have a human being present. No one has the right to kill a human being whether that person is born or is still in the womb of the mother. To do such a thing is a very serious sin and a great offense against Me. It is the same with euthanasia. This is the killing of a person born into the world. The killing of such a person insults Me terribly. I want all these horrible acts to stop today. If you do not follow My words, then I will bring a terrible sickness upon the world and all those who had abortions or brought about an abortion or the other horrible sins will die from this disease. Come now and stop offending Me with your horrible acts.’

My heavenly Mother continued:
“Melvin, My son, you know that I asked you to build My shrine in Palmer Road. Soon you will get some money so that you can start this great church. My Son also asked you to begin the Contemplative Brothers and Sisters of Jesus. These two congregation you will begin shortly and the members will bring about the New Evangelization which My Son Jesus wants.
You know that the great Feast of Christmas is very near. That was the day I gave birth to My Son Jesus in Bethlehem. I want that all persons who will read this message will offer themselves totally to My Son Jesus and promise to follow all that He has taught you. Ask Him for the grace you need to follow Him and to avoid sin.
Melvin, I will give you a special gift at Christmas and now as I leave I bless you again.”

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